Monday, February 26, 2007

The Hero’s Journey (Carol Pearson)

The Hero’s journey is an initiation into the reality of the soul’s journey. It requires us to establish and then let go of control over our lives, to put aside our horror at confronting death, pain and loss.

To experience life’s wholeness we must let go of sentiment, safety and predictability. Even our own concern with physical safety, effectiveness and virtue. We move out of the duality of good and bad, me and you, right and wrong and into a world of paradox.

Different morality from ego’s. Ego wants the world to make sense.

The journey requires us to put all these desires aside and see the soul’s truth that essence of life is mystery.

The soul’s truth does not necessarily make any sense from a rational ego point of view. It is good to be healthy, wealthy and wise but what makes us alive and real is journeying into the central mysteries of life where we learn about death, dissolution, sex, passion, ecstasy, and to see the beauty of it all. Carol Pearson's website

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