Sunday, June 30, 2013

Did We Forget to Mention Money?

Why talk about wisdom and bravery in my 1-minute meditation instead of money? Because life is holographic and what you create in one area is reflected in the others. 

Most of us want all the good fortune we associate with prosperity. We want love, abundance, friends, health. Who we are inside matters. And it shapes how we handle the gifts we're given, whether we even see them, accept them and make the most from them.Louise Hay said she used to teach people to solve each of their problems, then she discovered if she taught them to love themselves the problems went away.

The other reason I don't write more affirmations/meditations about money, many people find it crass, especially people I know who have money.  They know it didn't solve all their problems but we also know it can solve some.

Science of Mind says we can create the lives we dream. We can use our words, our minds, our connection to source to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

What do you want to create today? Be bold. Affirm the reality of your dreams.  May you drink in the gift of wisdom and share it freely. (But not so freely you drive your friends crazy.)

This Week's Affirmation:

"Wisdom finds its way to me; it rules my heart and teaches bravery. It finds humor in everything, wraps itself around my dreams and speaks to me from deep within. All is as it’s meant to be. This beautiful life is meant for me."

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7 Tips For Preparing For Your Psychic Reading

  1. Breathe – energize your body with breath, inspiration.  It opens the channels.
  2. Imagine and list questions you have about your life.
  3. Right now, write down three things you’d like to know.
  4. Writing seeds the mind, awakening and exercising the conscious and unconscious.
  5. Stay open.  The pump has been primed and synchronicities are likely to occur. Impressions are often subtle and fleeting.
  6. Clear mental noise – clear out the past.  You don’t need to repeat it, or expect it. Nature abhors a vacuum. Fill the space with what you want.
  7. Everything is Spirit, including you

Monday, June 24, 2013

My Book, My Book, My Book

Working on my One-Minute Meditation book, creating something a little quirkier and more poetic than what I send out every week.

This one continues to comfort me:

From One-Minute Meditator: Because Instant Gratification Just Isn't Fast Enough

When the world is on stilts or the big trapeze, you might feel so worried you drop to your knees. You call out for safety but there's none to be seen. The world is just spinning, rearranging your dreams. When the world is on stilts, or the flying trapeze, you might feel so worried you'll never find ease. Over and over the world seems to plunge; where is the net that's under everyone?

When the world is on stilts or the flying trapeze, you might feel lost like a ship in rough seas. Then you remember, the world loves a spin. It loves to upend and right itself again. If over and over, you seek inner peace, in the midst of the chaos you'll suddenly find ease.

For today: Inner peace is in everything

Lorrie Kazan, 2013