Sunday, September 23, 2007

Notes from Caroline Myss' Essential Guide for Healers Part II

"Intuition is not a visionary skill that makes sure nothing ever goes wrong in your life!" In fact, Myss believes that your intuition tells you how you mismanage power."

She claims that we are imploding from all the intuition we ignore. "Right now," she demands, "stop and list all the positive things your intuition is telling you to do that you ignore." Transformation can be achieved by risking the smallest changes.

Intuition is about bringing congruence between the heart and mind. Without it, she says, we're a mess!

Fear of success, she scoffs, is ridiculous. Instead she redirects the listener: Where are you not following your guidance? Where do you lack integrity?

If you hold yourself back so you won't upset others, rest assured that "Everyone's feelings are hurt if you change their plans for your life." Inevitably, as we change, those around us must re-evaluate and change, as well.

Can You Be Invisible?

Can you be a silent presence, simply observe, absorb, and if necessary, transmit? Can you work in anonymity, or is your ego engaged in seeking glory?

Seeking glory is different from appreciating a thank you.

Do you listen within and take the actions that are instructed for your own life? If not, then why should anyone listen to you? And why would you be given even higher voltage information for others?

Healer As A Calling

Callings require transformation. That doesn't take the place of healing training. Start anywhere, she tells us. You need the discipline to be schooled.

Decide what is appropriate for you and don't compromise. For example, she doesn't heal children and no amount of cajoling will induce her to shirk that personal boundary.

You can never promise an outcome. Healing only has a capacity not a promise. Don't mix friendship with clients or you're mixing your agendas.


Where did we get the idea that "to serve God" we must be poor? Healers need to break through this myth and create a template of abundance for ourselves and future generations.


Don't hug Caroline Myss unless you're a close friend or relative. "You don't see bank managers hugging their clients," she says, so who created this idea that healers have to hug people?

It's like having three hundred people (her audience) lay hands on you. Why would anyone want to be left with all that unconscious energy?

Healer Not Mother

She cautions us to clarify the difference between the mother and healer archetypes. While the mother may be all loving and willing to take on your aches and pains, the healer is a conduit for the ineffable.

This requires incredible stamina and an ability to channel energy that moves faster than a disease. The healer may not be a soft and fuzzy kind of person, there to hold your hand.

In fact, the healer is most likely a flawed human being, someone with his or her own issues to work on. As stated in earlier, one can be a flawed human being and still be fully empowered as a healer.

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  1. This is really powerful material, Lorrie! Thank you so much for sharing it. You express Myss' points with elegance and economy. Bless your generous heart.