Sunday, June 1, 2008

Meeting the Trance Channel Sur le Seine

While I was in Paris, Guy Corneau, one of the presenters at the Jung in Ireland conference, took me to a houseboat afloat on the river Seine and introduced me to a trance channel, Marie Lise Labonte.

He wanted me to learn how Marie Lise balances her highly sensitive energy and see how I might incorporate what she's done.

Not only was the company of Marie Lise enchanting, so was her home. It was like being inside a beautiful candle lit shoe, cozy and also conscious. Conscious because the air was not filled with old, unwanted thoughts. It felt clean and calm.

If not for the rocking sensation of the water, I might have easily relaxed. Seated on the white couch, I glanced out the windows as the search lights from the Bateaux Mouche illuminated the water.

Marie Lise, with soft golden brown hair framing her serene face, slid into a chair to my right. She actually looks like Emma Thompson.

Guy, who seems to emanate a kind of artistic elegance, sat on the couch to my left.

How Marie Lise transformed from proper therapist to angelic trance channel? She was unexpectedly "struck by grace" one night as she was lecturing doctors and nurses about healing.

"I felt an energy enter my crown chakra with such a force that I almost lost consciousness. What scared me was that this energy was trying to communicate something to the doctors which was altogether different from what my brain was trying to communicate."

She managed to regain her composure for the evening but her life was never the same.

"Immediately afterwards, I felt inhabited by an energy which was coming from higher planes."

She struggled with this phenomenon for over two years.
"I discovered that I had become the channel for an angelic energy of healing, The Angels Xedah."

Still loathe to risk her reputation as a prominent therapist and respected author, another year passed. Ultimately through the power of synchronicity and perhaps the angels' tenacity, she relented.

What I learned that night:

She explained that psychics have an extra tube that goes through their crown chakra and when not working, psychics need to shrink the tube so they are not picking up on all the random information.

She suggested that I meet with her colleague Manon Verrette in Montreal. Manon would work on my energy bodies, specifically balancing the sushumna.

Sushumna has to do with the kundalini energy and there are divergent schools of thought on how to work with this. (see link below to learn more)

Like Edgar Cayce, Marie Lise does not work work alone. As a trance channel, her personality leaves when she transmits information so she has assistants with her.

To maintain a private life, she sets personal boundaries and maintains them. By shrinking that psychic tube she is not constantly working.

This certainly circumvents the unreal expectation we have that psychics should know everything all the time. To function with that high level of receptivity is a responsibility which requires self care.

Just as we would not expect a painter to crank out master works 24 hours a day, we have to allow ourselves to be restored.

Psyche means "of the soul." And we are largely receivers who need to clear our channels so that information can flow through us.

Physical exercise, which brings us back into the body, and strengthens it, is important as is our connection with nature.

Books in English by Marie Lise:

Wings of Light: The Art of Angelic Healing by Marie Lise Labonte and Nina Prevost ie=UTF8&tag=wwwlorriekazc-20
Conversation With Angels ?ie=UTF8&tag=wwwlorriekazc-20

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