Friday, August 14, 2009

Here are some of the articles I'm writing while the leaf blower whirs outside:

We're currently bombarded with doom and gloom. So what do we do? Many people grasped onto the movie "The Secret" and became disillusioned if or when they didn't experience immediate success with their dreams.

Truth is, The Secret was never a secret. Science of Mind has used those techniques for a hundred years. It's been my experience that they work when you work them and not when you don't. And they don't give you complete control over the universe. For me, it often seemed to take around two years to see results.

Since my circumstances were desperate, I had nothing to lose by affirming my dreams, visualizing them, praying and taking action. There's a saying, "Don't leave before you see the miracles."

My friend, Chellie Campbell, author of The Wealthy Spirit, says God answers all prayers: yes, not yet and I have something better for you. Have you ever noticed that some things seem to happen so easily, and some of our other desires don't?

If we accept the idea that there is a force in the universe/God/Spirit/the Creative, then can we say that force is either everything or nothing? I feel that force is not only everything but working on my behalf.

Human sight, no matter how psychic, is still limited. When Gloria Vanderbilt's son killed himself, she thought, this should not happen to me, and then she thought, why not me? What's so special about me?

Robert Frost said: We dance round in a ring and suppose but the secret sits in the middle and knows.

Every true psychic has witnessed client tantrums. And we understand, life can be tough. Most of us have been through great difficulties and survived. As intelligent readers, we look at reasons around something, what can be changed within that can penetrate the outside circumstances.

"Pain is part of life but suffering is optional," I was told many years ago, and that knowledge changed me. I also learned that in screenwriting you can create more connection with a suffering character by having them underplay the scene.

Edgar Cayce counseled clients to be "long suffering." We wouldn't dare say that today. But we could say that we're on the hero's journey.

The hero generally turns out to be the least likely person for the job. Moses told God, You got the wrong guy. I have a stutter. But God tells him he's been being trained and he has a brother who can also speak for him. We don't have to do this alone.

In fairy tales, it's the youngest son, the one no one believed in, who ultimately succeeds at the quest. And it it a quest, a series of adventures. Perhaps he has the freedom of the fool?

Sometimes when I'm reading for someone I wonder how I can describe what I see for them. Some things aren't even invented yet. The intuitive mind goes through so much range and dimension and it doesn't necessarily look like a filled out black and white photo. Often, not at all.

So how much do you say and how do you phrase it? The hardest reads for me are people who think they already know everything or who try to control what and how I see.

They're especially difficult because they're blind to their intrusion. It becomes projected outward, and in a reading my experience becomes like watching a cat chase its tale, only the person energetically forces you into the game with them.

In those instances, my rational mind know there is no way I can please. We may be both speaking English but the inner language has changed. We're looking at life from different dimensions.

And psychically, we hold a lot of dimensions at once.

The I-Ching (ancient Chinese oracle) reminds us that nature takes a zig zag path to its goal. And there are always miracles open to signs along the path and pray for the willingness to be guided..And I can be happy no matter what...or pray for the willingness to be happy no matter what.

I can pray for the willingness to be creative, innovative, and kind.You know that uncomfortable place where you may feel envy, dissatisfaction, frustration about what you "should" have or how it "should" be? A friend of mind labeled that "Where's mine?" When I was in that trap, I had to focus not only on what I did have but that if well being was possible I learned a lot during the most desperate times in my life. No, I wouldn't want to go back there again! But I do value what I took from it and still use the skills I developed when basically, I had nothing to lose. How about you? What are you learning today? Where are you and what dreams do you have?

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