Monday, September 2, 2013

Lost Is the New Found
Lorrie Kazan

Wracking my mind trying to figure out how to condense alchemical, psychological and psychic ideas into a simple blog post to explain why. Why is Loss or Lost the new found?

You were meant to be lost so you could seek something deeper, so you could experience your life in a profound way. We're part of everything, the rocks, the trees, the birds, the sea. We're in everything and it breathes in us.

That mother we wish we had: we actually do. She's everywhere in nature, in what we haven't yet killed.

Alchemy is a metaphor for our process. The nigredo, the black muck, lower depths is an essential stage in the process. Can't find true home without it. True home is what's in you when all else is stripped away. It's the Tower card in Tarot. Life gone awry.

But rest easy because you don't stay in darkness forever, just long enough to feel hopelessly lost, to let go of what no longer fits for the journey ahead. You find your intuitive light in the darkness and your life begins to transform. Welcome to the next stage....

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  1. So looking forward to finding the intuitive light as I do feel lost and uncertain. Thank you, Lorrie for your loving ministry.