Saturday, June 23, 2007

Listen With the Ear of the Heart

Theosony: A Time For Listening Obediently to the Sounds of the Ear of the Heart
Dr. Noirin Ni Riain

The human ear never sleeps. It provides 90% of sensory energy to the brain. Within 135 days of impregnation, bones in your ears are almost fully formed. You hear sounds inside and outside the womb.

We hear in all directions all the time. We hear in darkness. There are 7 primary colors and 30,000 nerve fibers. The earth is vibrating in b flat.

Your voice is only known to you as its linked between the Eustachian tube and inner ear. Hearing is the Cinderella of the senses. The eye is always favored. Ear muffs are rare but sunglasses are generally assumed.

Why the neglect? Some say it's patriarchy. Women are better hearers than men. Our ears look like little fetuses.

We live in an eye-centered world. Martin Luther said, "We must put our ears where our eyes are."

"Listen with the ear of the heart." St Benedict

How does one hear the sound of the divine in mid-life and beyond? (Mid-life commencing by age 35)

No human being is deaf to the sound of god.

Listening anew is the work at midlife. Listen with the ear of the psyche.

Meister Eckhart said, "We hear without sound."

There is the archetype of the monk in each of us.

Theosony is a neologism for voice of God, silence of God. (Neologism like brunch equals breakfast and lunch.)

H-ear-t. Midlife is a time for clairaudient listening. It is a time to shake off what is bad and dead in us.

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