Sunday, June 24, 2007

Growing Into Real Power

Growing Into Real Power: When Living Itself Becomes A Friend

Notes from Dr. Maureen Concannon's lecture - 2007 Jung In Ireland Conference

When an archetype (such as the goddess) is withdrawn from the collective consciousness, it becomes hidden in our unconscious and we become afraid of it.

The goddess stood for things we're now afraid of. For instance, she rules over death (death is generally a tabu subject.)

4,500 B.C.: Horse-riding warriors (Kurgens) from the Russian Steppes moved west. Unlike their intrusion into the rest of Europe, they didn't enter Ireland until 600 B.C. This gave Ireland 4,000 years longer than the rest of Europe to remain a nature and matriarchal society.

The Law of Nature: Respect and honor what you have or it will be taken from you. Ireland has a pact with the goddess. If Ireland wars, or disrespects the land, the goddess divorces him and pestilence falls. This has been true throughout Irish history.

Disease in the earth is in us too. (This is also the shamanic viewpoint that Alberto Villoldo discusses in his books, and in the lecture I attended in New Mexico. If we stay in balance with nature, we ultimately remain in balance within.)

Ireland is currently highly prosperous and the agreement with the goddess is being forgotten.

Fairies and little people: in 600 B.C. they took everything underground. But now everything underground is coming back up. Leprechauns were not formerly considered small.

At one time children used to be birthed in the open, in stone circles under the sky so they could connect with the sky.

So much we can't do until midlife because we're not at that point of integration.

(Part II to follow)

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