Sunday, July 22, 2007

Astrological Psychology

Jung took many of his innovative ideas from astrology (typology, for instance). Archetypal figures are the planets. Venus has been the Goddess of Love since the ancients.

Jung's daughter Grette said that her father put her in the role of home/mother. At 15 she became gravely ill. Jung came to see her and actually saw her and listened to her.

Out of that meeting, she was freed of the mothering role and became an astrologer.

Grette also mentioned that the children did not like Toni Wolf. They wrecked her hat. (related in a private interview with Dr. Maureen Concannon.)

Dr. Concannon insists that we are terrified of the powerful feminine. She does not refer to leaders such as Margaret Thatcher, whom she characterized as a man in drag.

Horrific murders and wars, she said, are the result of having lost contact with the feminine archetype of the great mother.

Currently we're experiencing the manifestation of the dark goddess. (My notes from this lecture are spotty.

Dr. Concannon's flow was a bit hard to follow. She seemed to be in the midst of her own transformation and admitted that she could not follow her usual highly prepared and rational style.

Regarding the dark night of the soul, she quotes Scott Fitzgerald: "It's 3:00 in the morning 24 hours a day."

Christianity in Ireland: The druids became priests (so there was no war) but they kept the idea of a feminine deity. The white deer is the druid.

Three branches of Irish Christianity. (A bit spotty here) Bridit's kept ancient traditions of Ireland. Druids involve nature rituals. (Brigit's day is February 1st.

How the Irish Saved Civilization (during the dark ages, peace reigned in Ireland) Druids created a Christianity of peace and druidic knowledge.

Early Irish Christianity is based on the Coptic Christians and connected strongly with the land.

From Noirin ni Riaian:

Brigit is the patron of healing, poetry and smiths craft. Imbolc is her season.

Where is the center of the world? Where you stand.

February 1 is Brigid's day
February 2 is Christian Fest of Mary (Candle mass)
February 3rd - Blaise - (?) Feast for blessings of your throat?

Brigid was born on the threshold - The threshold is a place of possibility.

The Crone was once the lover to all the Kings of Ireland. Hills are rocks that fell from her apron.

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