Friday, April 26, 2013

The Universe Speaks In Slippers
 I Figured Out the Code

Psychics are supposed to find things, lost keys, envelopes with missing money…but some of us are in a different situation. We lose things…that is, things disappear.  They’re absolutely present one minute and  disappeared the next. Sometimes before our eyes.

It’s my mother watching over me…deceased Dad and nephew still turning on the TV. Electrical appliances go on and off by themselves, the air purifier turns itself up just a notch.

Yes, we can tune into metal and find your lost keys, though it’s easier to light them up so you see them yourself.  But if it’s disappeared…that’s another story.

Disappeared objects aren't overlooked. They’re gone. How can that be? Can’t happen. Oh, it’s your mother or some other being on the other side looking out for you. Maybe just waving hello, telling you you’re not alone.  

I think I’d rather have more fortune than disappeared belongings. That is, a second pair of desired slippers, maybe ones I thought too expensive and impractical to buy…rather than just have one gone.

Is the universe communicating in code? What is the code of the disappeared slipper? Two of us have cleaned and searched this place where only one of us lives. No one else came in or out, if you don’t count the ethers in that equation.

You’re psychic. Why don’t you look and see everything for yourself? Because I don’t have my shoes, my slippers. I don’t have two of everything I think I need. Maybe that’s the universe communicating with me? You’re okay with 1, it says, okay alone. I'm a little too personally involved.

Or it’s a reminder to connect in twos. Get out of the house. You think you’re safe here? No one’s come in or out and still things are gone. What would you lose if you got out into the bigger world a bit more? Your slippers might be side-by-side the bed when you got home.  Or one would still be lost but you might be too busy to notice, too caught up in running around.  Maybe you’d have found better slippers and be ready to leave the past behind?

Is that the code? Leave the past behind? Don’t dwell on what’s been lost? Move on?  Is that what Mom is saying from her perch in the great beyond?

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